New Year’s Eve

Coming at you live from my house on New Year’s Eve …

I think some songwriters change their voice too much. Then they sound bad at their concerts. I think they’re trying to get money.

We’ll be back after commercials!

The Hayes Carll Show Story

IMG_6550It turns out I didn’t go to the Hayes Carll concert. We went to get the tickets and then we went to Drakes and then I just wanted to go home. So, I didn’t go but my Dad, Mike and Weston did. Mike and Weston are my dad’s friends.

My dad even go to meet Hayes Carll. He sang my favorite song as the second song of his set. I’m sorry I missed it, but I wasn’t feeling good. Maybe I’ll go next time he’s in town.

My birthday

I got tickets to a Taylor Swift concert for my birthday. I was so happy. After the concert I was bored. I never wanted it to end but it had to. That night I stayed up until 12:00. I was so tired. I also got a American Girl doll. Grace Thomas. I love the movie. I have all three things. The book, the movie and the doll.

Learning About The Champ

Katie and Cassius ClayToday I went to a Muhammad Ali play. I learned a lot. I did not know that Muhammad Ali threw his medal into the river.

Eddie made the play funny. After the play, the mom said I could be just like her. I also did not know that somebody stole his bike. Blacks were not treated fairly.

My Wednesday With Daddy

I love music. I also like to play music and play games. Did you know that I have two cats. Yes, I do!

I can’t wait to go swimming again and I am going to camp today.

My dad can make jewelry. I got really sparkly shorts yesterday. Me and my daddy are going to the mall today.

Also, Daddy recorded this video today: