I’m A Week Old

Well, it’s been a week and I’m still not quite sure what all the fuss is about. My Mommy runs the show, my Daddy stays glued to the computer, my brother is loud as hell and everybody else talks to me like I’m a baby. Do I at least get a toaster?

Seriously, though, both me and my Mommy are healthy. I had my first bath at home tonight and hated it. I’m eating about every three hours and Mommy and Daddy are taking turns staying up late or getting up early with me, so everyone seems pretty sane. I heard new babies can cause a ruckus. Don’t think I’m pulling any crazy tricks yet.

So far I like to sleep on my Daddy’s chest. Mommy and Nana snuggles are really good, too. My brother Grant stops playing every so often and kisses me on the head. That’s sweet. He’s gotta do something about the singing voice, though. It’s like a cat being run over by a lawn mower.

Anyway, here are some pictures from this week’s adventure at home with my family. Oh, and thanks, Dad, for the naked pictures of me. Bonehead.


Coming Home

I came home from the hospital today. I’ve got a pretty cool room. It used to be my big brothers.

Before we came home, though, my big brother helped feed and burp me in the hospital. He and Mommy and Daddy and I hung out all day today waiting for the nurses to say I could leave. I had jaundice or something like that this morning. They had to prick my heel a couple of times to take my blood. It’s okay, though. I kicked them good.

I also told my Daddy to go buy my big brother Grant a present for letting me share his stuff. Daddy got him a Pirate ship, which surprised everyone because it was the first thing that had to do with Pirates that wasn’t something about baseball Daddy ever bought. Grant played with it all day in my hospital room. I watched.

When I came home I got to see my Geike, too. She drove here from Pikeville where my Daddy grew up. She sung to me and rocked me a while before I sent to sleep again.

Here’s Daddy’s picture gallery from today. Or you can always go see all our pictures on Flickr.


Who Are All These People

So, I’m less than a day old, I’m tired and my head hurts. So what does that mean? Mommy and Daddy parade like 50 people in and out of my room and pass me around like an offering plate.

[flickr style=”float: left”]photo:2428869471[/flickr]The doctors say I’m healthy and so is my Mommy. I might get to go home on Monday.

The big highlight of today for me was that I got to meet my big brother Grant. He came to visit me and Mommy in the hospital three times. He even got mad when the nurse came to take me back for a check up. I kinda like him so far.

Thanks to everybody who left comments on my blog. I’d respond, but I don’t know how to talk yet.

Below is the picture gallery from Day 2. (Or you can go see the set on Flickr.) If you need to know who anyone is, you’ll need to ask my Daddy or Mommy. I kept saying all day, “Who are these people?”



Katie Falls Is Born

Hi. I’m Katie Falls. I was born on Saturday, April 19, 2008 at 11:56 p.m. Eastern time at Norton Suburban Hospital in Louisville, Ky. My Mommy and Daddy and Nana were there. A bunch of other people would have been, too, but it was late. Daddy lectured me about curfew as soon as I came out.

My Mommy was in labor for 22 and a half hours with me. When I finally got to see her, she was pooped. Daddy was too, but no one could figure out why since he didn’t do anything all day.

I have a big brother, too. His name is Grant. I didn’t get to meet him until Sunday morning. It was past his bedtime when I was born, so he was sleeping. I’m sure he’ll do that through most of the important dates in my life. That’s okay, though. I’ll be a Daddy’s girl and get my way over him a lot.

Daddy took a bunch of pictures, including some ones right after I was born in which I don’t look very good. But the nurses cleaned me up and, in case you were wondering. I’m gorgeous.

Click on the thumbnails below to see my pictures. You can also add our family as a friend on Flickr if you use Flickr for your photos.

I’m Coming, I’m Coming

So this is my blog. My Daddy started it so it would be ready when I’m born. My name is Katie Falls. I’m coming soon, so come back or subscribe to the feed. My Daddy has had practice with blogs since I have an older brother, Grant. That means he’ll be able to keep mine updated with pictures and stories and even videos. I’m his princess.

See you soon.