Coming Home

I came home from the hospital today. I’ve got a pretty cool room. It used to be my big brothers.

Before we came home, though, my big brother helped feed and burp me in the hospital. He and Mommy and Daddy and I hung out all day today waiting for the nurses to say I could leave. I had jaundice or something like that this morning. They had to prick my heel a couple of times to take my blood. It’s okay, though. I kicked them good.

I also told my Daddy to go buy my big brother Grant a present for letting me share his stuff. Daddy got him a Pirate ship, which surprised everyone because it was the first thing that had to do with Pirates that wasn’t something about baseball Daddy ever bought. Grant played with it all day in my hospital room. I watched.

When I came home I got to see my Geike, too. She drove here from Pikeville where my Daddy grew up. She sung to me and rocked me a while before I sent to sleep again.

Here’s Daddy’s picture gallery from today. Or you can always go see all our pictures on Flickr.


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