Who Are All These People

So, I’m less than a day old, I’m tired and my head hurts. So what does that mean? Mommy and Daddy parade like 50 people in and out of my room and pass me around like an offering plate.

[flickr style=”float: left”]photo:2428869471[/flickr]The doctors say I’m healthy and so is my Mommy. I might get to go home on Monday.

The big highlight of today for me was that I got to meet my big brother Grant. He came to visit me and Mommy in the hospital three times. He even got mad when the nurse came to take me back for a check up. I kinda like him so far.

Thanks to everybody who left comments on my blog. I’d respond, but I don’t know how to talk yet.

Below is the picture gallery from Day 2. (Or you can go see the set on Flickr.) If you need to know who anyone is, you’ll need to ask my Daddy or Mommy. I kept saying all day, “Who are these people?”



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