4th of July Indoor Fun

[flickr]photo:3689575929[/flickr]Just as we were heading out of the house to the Crescent Hill Old Fashioned 4th of July we noticed it was raining.  So, we decided to head to the mall instead.  We walked around and played at the Disney store, Pottery Barn, and the Boat.  I really enjoyed walking and talking to strangers.  I also stopped in and said hello to the dog at Old Navy.  I went down the slide at the boat all by myself.  And I tried another slide there that just didn’t go anywhere.  As usual, I was in bed long before the fireworks, but all in all, it was a good day.


Katie on the Farm

[flickr]photo:3690283800[/flickr]Mommy and Tia Angie took Grant and I to Angie’s parent’s farm last month.  I had such a great time being outside.  I walked around and picked up little rocks from the gravel path and carried them around.  I liked looking at the animals (from a distance) except for the cat.  I could not get enough of the cat.  Mommy tried to show me how to pet a cat, but I decided I would pet him with my whole head.  While Grant was off doing boy things I was happy to just walk around and observe everything.  I also grew very fond of Mr. and Mrs. Kalb.  They grow lots of food and I tasted a just picked strawberry – yum yum.


Summer Fun (14 months)

[flickr]photo:3689320023[/flickr]I am having a really good time this summer.  I love being outside.  I like swinging and sitting at the bottom on the slide.  Our slide at home is too big for me, but I was able to climb up the slide at the mall.  Daddy went up with me and mommy caught me at the bottom.  Oh yeah – in case I forgot to mention – I climb all the time now.  I even learned last week how to go down stairs – mommy and daddy are so happy.  I like to climb up places and then sit down.  I am also a big fan of whatever Grant has – balls, police cars, etc.  Mom says I am lucky Grant loves me.  Whenever I see him I yell GANT GANT GANT.  Sometimes he even listens.  I can also meow and quack  and sometimes moo and roar.  Mommy also thinks I say cheese and fish (for goldfish crackers).  I of course say Dada and Mama.  Mommy and Daddy can’t wait for me to talk more, but I have decided Grant talks enough for everybody.  Oh well, gotta go – more trouble to find.