A Few of My Favorite Things

So I just have to share my new favorite thing . . . mommy’s long lasting maybeline lipstick – this stuff really does last all day.  I applied it in the car on the way to a lunch play date at Chick-fil-a and it stayed on even after bath – mommy had to rub some lotion all over my face to finally get it off.  It was great! [flickr]photo:3787224482[/flickr]

[flickr]photo:3787220180[/flickr]Other favorite things now that I am 15 months old include – being outside – I love to weee (swing) and to just walk around and feel the grass on my toes.  I am also fond of the sandbox, although I still don’t understand how to wipe my mouth without eating more sand.  I also love to walk around with pens and paper – ready to work on a moments notice.  I have recently discovered crayons and love to hold them wherever I go.  I am learning that they are not as tasty as pens.  Today I swung, played in the sandbox, and went down the slide without losing or breaking my crayon.  Mommy was impressed. 

[flickr]photo:3786411137[/flickr]I also love to read and could really do that almost all day.  I am learning new words every day.  This week I am really working on the concept that mama is in fact my mommy and not just a general term for everything I want.  Mommy keeps try to teach me that I am in fact Katie, but that seems a bit much.  I know several animal sounds (meow, grrr, moo, bark, quack) and that Daddy says “no no no”.  I can also say dada, mama, and Gant (and will yell this often throughout the day).  I can say “no” when Grant is bothering me and “no no no” when Mommy tells me not to touch something.  Oh and I can say my favorite foods “cacker” (cracker or better yet, cookie), “cheese”, and “fish” (goldfish).

All in all life is pretty good.  I did end up getting 2 new molars after Aunt Jean visited – and perhaps a few more are coming.  I am drinking only from cups now and I sleep through the night almost all the time.  Mommy is really happy about that (although I do wake up at 6am).  See you soon!


Aunt Jean Comes to Visit

[flickr]photo:3787064450[/flickr]Aunt Jean came to visit July 13.  We hadn’t seen her since March.  She and I read lots of books.  Grant made her play lots of race cars.  Granddad and Aunt Jean have worked at some NASCAR races.  Grant got a book and a car.  I got a bib.  I stole Grant’s car when he wasn’t looking – the tires are very yummy.  Mommy said I am getting more molars – I just think rubber tastes good.  [flickr]set:72157621937701494[/flickr]

Here are the pictures from March [flickr]set:72157620349759077[/flickr]