Memorial Day Cookouts Bring Over My Friends

I apparently have a lot of friends. No one really told me this. On Sunday, we had a cookout at our house. Lots of these friend people came over and made lots of noise while I tried to sleep.

[flickr style=”float: left”]photo:2524808308[/flickr]Cookouts are confusing to babies. All of a sudden, we’re thrust outside where there’s wind and sun and bugs, Daddy sets stuff on fire and there’s all sorts of smoke and my brother runs around and makes lots of noise with a bunch of other kids who come over to play. Kinda makes me wonder whose big idea this thing was in the first place.

Actually, we had a bunch of people over to our house and had a really good time. My new friend Lucy came to my house for the first time. Lots of Mommy and Daddy’s friends came over. A lot of them have kids, too, so we had a big yard full of fun.

Mommy and Daddy took lots of pictures, which are all below. There are also pictures of Grant’s new sandbox extension and video of him and me watching cartoons over on his website. It’s at in case you were living under a rock or something.



Mommies Are The Best

[flickr style=”float: right”]photo:2485765946[/flickr]This week was a lot of fun and all about Mommies. My Daddy’s Mommy, my Geike, came for a whole week with my cousin Taylor. We went to the FunDome so she and my brother, Grant, could let off some steam. Geike went down the big slide which everyone thought was funny. I didn’t get it.

There are lots of pictures, too, of me hanging out with my Geike and Taylor and Grant. We had fun around the house this week. Grant and Taylor even got to meet a real police man. See Grant’s website for pictures.

Then we had Mother’s Day and all my other cousins – Zack, Brandon, Noah, Halley, Riley and Bella – came to Nana and Poppa’s house. My Mommy was there, Michelle was there and Nana was there for Mother’s Day. We had a big meal and played a lot. (I slept most of the time, but what the heck.) I got to sit with my cousin Bella, who is only six months older than me.

Then we went to my house to play with Sophie. I don’t really know who she is, but Grant sure likes her. Sophie’s Mommy, Megan, held me while Grant and Sophie climbed on her. She apparently has a baby in her belly. He’s going to be a boy. Great. All I need is another boy to deal with.


Mother’s Day Gallery:


Here’s the Geike Visit Pictures:


And the Hanging With The Barrs: